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Specialized Training & Experience

I have extensive training in treating trauma and PTSD including specialized training in EMDR, Brain Spotting, and ImTT.  I also bring a unique perspective for those in the Christian Community in the integration of psychology and theology. I've had extensive biblical training in my studies at Biola University and I've pursued adjunct trainings around faith and spiritual issues during my 25 years of working with and on a church staff.


IMTT - Image Transformation Therapy is a gentle treatment that moves therapy forward without having to re-live the trauma of the past. Releasing the intrusive thoughts, fear, shame, toxic guilt, pain and distorted beliefs so they no longer hold power over you.

BRAIN SPOTTING - A truly transformative treatment based on the ocular positioning and the neuropsychological sources of brain/body connection being processed at a subcortical level.

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is a highly effective treatment that helps to processes through and out of our system the trauma of the past.   Which then allows us to go forward without the past overwhelming our current wellbeing.


I've helped many Pastors, Church staff and Parachurch Staff navigate the unique struggles they encounter while working in ministry. I have a burden for those who work on the front lines of ministry and are looking for a safe environment where they can honestly face their internal struggles and  address the difficulties they are facing in life and their work. I have training in several inner healing modalities.

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